I would personally thank my doctor, Dr. Priya Selvaraj who listened to me and gave me prompt diagnosis of my problem which I think is excellent, I feel very safe in her company during the time of ICSI procedures, I feel happy she was with me during the time of cesarean.

Dr. Siva priya who always visited me everyday to my ward from the day I got admitted and guided me with more care. My family will never take a decision without her permission or consulting her. She is one of the best to give more confidence, Alhamdulillah !

I am thankful to doctors Vijaya, Hafiza and many others who took care of me and gave their valuable advice.

All 4th Floor nurses made me feel at home since I had been in admission for a long time. Although I am a tough person to deal with, the ward nurses never showed their hard faces or raised their voices to me. They made my pregnancy more comfortable and eased all my pain. I will always include them in my prayers and try to keep in touch with this hospital. Insha Allah for my next pregnancy I wish to be here. I pray Almighty to give all prosperous blessings to this hospital in all ways, remove their burdens and bless Dr. Kamala Selvaraj with long life, good health and wealth and to sustain in her profession for more than 100 years.